Umbilicus in Flux

Umbilicus in Flux
Umbilicus in Flux, Performance/Installation, 2016
 Image credit: Justin Bachelor

So, afterwards, it is possible to see the beginnings of things, the point at which you had already plunged in, while at the time you thought you were only testing the water with your toe.
 ~Helen Garner, Monkey Grip, 1977

Umbilicus in Flux is an ever-expanding exploration of time, timelessness, duration and states of becoming. Formed through an awareness that precedes conscious thought, the emergence of colour and texture map a period of prolonged reflection; an observative repetition of the past and present and stages in the vertiginous process of manifestation.

It is not as if one thing ends and another begins, it is more a gradual process: a slow almost imperceivable shift occurs transitioning one thing to something else until it becomes less of one and more of the other. It is an observation of the thresholds that exist between things in the moments before consciousness and the fluidity of thought after the passing of time.

Read the exhibition text by Sophia Cai:


Exhibition photography by Justin Batchelor & Ross Mitchell