Passing Place: The Threshold of Edges

Passing Place: The Threshold of Edges (The Minch crossing), film still, 2016

The landscape is illusionary, the edge is closer but further away than first thought, nothing is as it appears to be. It is neither day nor night in the ever present light. It is a feeling rather than a word, a state of emotional and cognitive awareness observed and absorbed by one’s experience.

The cliff edge gives way to air and sea, water runs over rock and shell to create the sand and the sea surrounds and threatens to engulf all before it.

As each place is approached it becomes apparent that this merging, this sense of becoming, signifies a constant and continual alteration of forces. The location remains but it exists within a perpetual state of flux. No two moments can be the same; no light, no sound, no colour remains as a fixed point in time.

This work, this collection of land, sky and seascapes is a transitory flight through an environment of edges, of beginnings and ends, unfathomable timelessness and where forces of energy, both tranquil and turbulent, approach and entangle with one another.

 Exhibition photography by Simon Strong