((SAN Emo and other lines from the phone))

Born from a late-night tropical table tennis game played with bats assembled from smartphones, this pandemic-induced lo-fi collaboration was a daily (sometimes hourly) source of companionship, support, amusement and creativity. This surprising beast, birthed from the not-so-subtle minds of two friends – one in a state of climax, the other within a territory of constraint – seeks to subvert the sense of restraint induced by 2020 and let the wild and untamed thing out of the bag.

Phoney Art Collective is an ongoing collaborative work by Freÿa Black and Stephanie Martin. Their work may be viewed at: https://www.instagram.com/phoney_art_collective/

Phoney Art Collective, ((SAN Emo and other lines from the phone)), series of 13 videos, 11:03 minutes.