Outside.Of. Lightbox image, 2015

A performance piece that explores the introspective self through personal awareness within any environmental situation; using a device that enables the performer to listen to their own heartbeat. The sound of the heartbeat works in a similar way to primordial sound meditation by using  steady rhythmic sound or chanting to clear and focus the mind. This then allows the participant to internalise and self reflect.

The device worn by the subject is an object made for the body, worn on the body and consequently becomes a part of the body for the duration of the work. The transformative symbiosis that is formed between body and device, although impermanent, seeks to examine external influences that impact the human identity.

These influences; genetic engineering; prosthesis and posthuman theory raise a question of who is in control? The machine, the human counterpart or the external surrounding environment.

With special acknowledgement to Rossi Childs & Angela Mottee.