Memory Syndrome

Memory Syndrome, sculptural installation, 2018       

You’re so soft and comforting, I can feel all of your bumps and imperfections; softer than I remember, more marked than I recall. I hold you but I feel as if I am holding myself. I place my hand upon you and I remember everything I ever thought about anything. Like a memory surge of epileptic strobe lighting, the dark recesses are illuminated and… and as quickly as it is there it is not. I feel a sharp pain and I am marked, red dots appear and surge forth; a wound opens and the feelings drain out. It’s sharper and more painful than I remember. Lines meander across me and into you:intersecting, dividing and joining us to a single place in time where we both meet and unmeet. We walk towards, we walk away. It is difficult to recall which is true and what is the lie, are they both?

The memory fragments

Turn from the future to get to the past

The eye marks the spot, the soft spot, the way in

But if you do go in, you leave the unknown, unknown.

This work was exhibited at the Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne in 2018 as part of the 2017 Artist in Residence Exhibition.

Exhibition photography by Tim O’Connor W: