Herland II – Our Land. At The Women’s Library, Sydney

Herland II – Our Land asks Women artists how they will be the positive instigators of change – for our land, for our environment, for our world and for the world of the future. In 2020 we are all equally responsible for our thoughts and actions and now is the time to act. What will you do to instigate positive changes in caring for the land? How will you care for it, protect it, fight for it? Do you dare? Do you care?

The exhibition will be held at The Women’s Library, Sydney. The Women’s Library is an intimate space that houses a specialist collection of feminist and lesbian literature as well as books for, by, and about women. Opening originally in 1994 at Alexandria Town Hall, it began with 5,000 donated books to its name. The Women’s Library then relocated to Newtown four years later, where it is open to the public five days a week and home to women’s groups for social gatherings, meetings, and workshops outside opening hours. 

Since its inception, the The Women’s Library has been managed by volunteers and is supported by many notable Australian Women. Predominantly financed through membership fees and donations, the library also receives generous support from the City of Sydney. 

Herland II – Our Land has been conceived by emerging artist and curator Freÿa Black whose practice explores the essence of being in the world in direct response to her own subjectively experienced awareness. Black is currently completing a Master of Art Curating at The University of Sydney with a view to working as both a practising artist and curator. Herland II – Our Land is the second iteration of the Herland series conceived by Black which showcases Women artists from Australia and further afield at The Women’s Library in Sydney. Opening March 8, from 5.30pm in recognition and celebration of International Women’s Day 2020. 

Herland II – Our Land
@ The Women’s Library
| Opening night 08.03.2020 | 5.30pm

The Women’s Library, Sydney is located at 8-10 Brown St, Newtown, Sydney 2042, NSW. www.thewomenslibrary.org.au



Defiant Acts: Taking Action

We are here but we are also there. I am me but I am also you.
There is no one right way. There is no one way to see, think, be, or act.
We are physical and yet we are not.
If we are anything, we are a bridge between one thing and another.
This is the duality of our existence. That there is no one size fits all.
But we are discouraged from believing this. Actively so.
Our existence is a many-layered beast and it is up to us, to you and to me to stand and take action.
Defying those who would box us in. Those who tell us to be still, be silent, be compliant.

Will you stand and take action?
Will you be defiant?

Defiant Acts: Taking Action
@ Sydney College of the Arts
| Opening night 16.10.2019 | 6pm

Artworks from top left: Just as I remember, 2019 by Simon Baré, It’s hard to keep your head above the coffee table, 2014 by Danica Knezevic, Lucent Encounters, 2019 by Bernadette Smith, Encounters with Self and Other, 2019 by Bernadette Smith, Game, 2019 by Lana Ryles, Mantle Piece, 2019 by Rosie Thomas. Exhibition photography by Ian Hobbs, 2019. https://ianhobbsmedia.com.au/



2017 Artist Residency- Australian Tapestry Workshop

2017 Artist in Residence Program at the Australian Tapestry Workshop

Freÿa Black
Emma Greenwood
Jennifer McCamley
Michelle Nikou
Christopher O’Brien
Drew Pettifer
Debra Porch
Elena Redaelli
Gina Ropiha
Carly Snoswell
Superpleased (Sue Buchanan & Eli Giannini)
Zilverster (Sharon Goodwin & Irene Hanenbergh)